The Top 3 Bubble Tea Shops In Brisbane

In the past decade bubble tea has come a long way from its humble roots as a simple cup of sweet milk tea with chewy tapioca balls. Nowadays you can find endless creative blends with fruit, yakult, cheese foam, creme brulees, and so on. Here in Brisbane, we’ve seen a huge boom of bubble tea shops opening, and now there is no shortage of stores that will blow both your mind and your wallet. Here is a list of our five favourite:

Hey Juice

Originally from China, this bubble tea shop serves a wide range of drinks to suit any weather. However, they have a particularly strong focus on fruit tea. What sets them apart is their use of only fresh fruits, and the end product speaks for itself. Tucked away along hawken drive in the quiet suburb of St Lucia, this inconspicuous store deserves every customer that walks through the door. 

Our favourite: Watermelon Cheese Foam, Passionfruit Yakult, and Brown Sugar Creme Brulee


HiHi Desserts & Drinks


This bright and welcoming shop is a cozy place to spend the afternoon doodling in their communal sketchbooks. They also sell pastries and desserts to compliment your diabetic adventure. Try their Brown Sugar Milk Tea for a no-frills take on a classic drink.

Our favourite: Brown Sugar Milk Tea


Heeretea has quickly become a staple in the Brisbane Bubble Tea scene. Their expansive menu covers your classic flavours as well as cheese foam fruit teas. If you come at night, expect to join the queue. They also tend to run out of pearls towards closing time so our recommendation is to go early. 

Our Favourite: Roasted Creme Brulee 


What are your favourite Bubble Tea shops in Brisbane?

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